We are so excited to have you join us and be part of this wonderful experience where communication is key.

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Here at Sign with Me we’ve created classes for babies as young as 6 weeks through to preschool to help develop their communication skills and confidence with the use of key signs, natural gestures, facial expressions and music in a  nurturing and fun class environment.

Each week we focus on a new theme and number of signs that focus on the importance of routines, everyday tasks, relationships and fun.

We offer 3 distinct classes. Each class is specifically tailored to your child’s stage of development and use a variety of songs, visual aids and physical movement that will stimulate and strengthen memory retention whilst gradually introducing new and evolving hand motions and facial expressions over the term for your child to easily develop and master.

Mother and Baby

Crawlers Classes

Age group - 6  to 18 months.

A fun and engaging class with signs to suit most occasions in your little ones life.

Your explorers will participate in songs, musical instruments, visual aids and physical movement, while learning age appropriate signs with a new theme each week.

Crawlers classes run for 45 mins a week for a 10-week term.

Mother and Child

Babies Classes

Age group - birth to 6 months.

A slow paced class, set in a calm and nurturing environment to introduce you and your baby to age appropriate signs. There is a new theme each week where babies can enjoy music, physical movement, visual aids and connection. 

Babies classes run for 30 mins a week for a 5-week term.

Happy Baby

Toddlers Classes

Age group -  18  to 24 months.

A class to suit the busiest of toddlers with new concepts to keep them engaged.

Your little signers will be introduced to mindfulness practices, along with our songs, musical instruments, movement and yoga with new signs and themes each week.

Toddler classes run for 45 mins in 10 weeks block.

Our classes provide a friendly and nurturing environment for you to bond with your child as you unlock a whole new means of communication and interaction

So come along and experience for yourself the magic of key signing and unlock a whole new form of communication with your child.


We are running a 5 weeks block for our Babies classes and 10 weeks block class for our Crawlers and Toddles classes. We are offering four terms in a year and following NSW school term schedule.


                    2022 Term Dates

Term 1   28 Jan 2022  -  08  Apr 2022             Term 3    18 Jul  2022  -  23 Sep 2022 
Term 2   26 Apr 2022  -   01 Jul   2022             Term 4    10 Oct 2022  -  19 Dec 2022
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Costs and Pricing

Class payment cover your child attendance for the selected class block. You can join a class at any time during the term and will be charged for the remaining classes. 

There is one-off enrolment fee of $10 AUD which will be added to your first payment.

Babies classes

 $75 AUD

5 weeks block - 30 mins

($15 per class)

Crawles classes

$ 170 AUD


10 weeks block - 45 mins

($17 per class) 

Toddles classes

$ 170 AUD

10 weeks block - 45 mins

($17 per class)