Baby signing for big and small hands
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We all know the early stages of a child’s development are the most critical and as parents we are always trying to guess what they need and what they’re thinking.  


If only they could tell us what they want...


From birth, the only way your baby knows how to communicate with you is thought crying. That’s the same cry whether they’re hungry, tired, scared or just want a cuddle.

Children typically begin to say their first words at 12-15 months and don’t begin to structure words clearly until 18 months.  

Our goal at Sign with Me is to get you and your baby communicating much earlier through the use of baby signing.

What is Baby Signing?

Baby signing is a set of simple hand gestures (or signs) that coincide with common words you use with your child every day. It helps your child to communicate by expressing their needs and mimicking your gestures before speech develops.

When to start signing with my child?

Baby signing has shown to be effective from as young as 3-4 months and can be taught from any age before a child is speaking to get the most amount of benefits.

How do I start?

Speak and sign at the same time. It’s important to always say the word out loud when using a sign and put emphasis on the spoken word/ sign to ensure your child sees the connection.

Will baby signing delay speech?

No, baby signing has shown to enhance speech development as long as you say the word when signing it, as a child’s words will eventually replace the sign. Not saying the word can imply to the child that they only need to sign to communicate with you.

Meet the Team

Sign with Me is a small family-run business owned and operated by two Mums from the Central Coast in NSW. They were first introduced to baby signing classes while overseas.

After attending and teaching classes, speaking with other parents and seeing first-hand the improved communication skills in their own children. They felt expired to find a way to share their knowledge and experience with families across Australia. 

After months of planning and  hard work they developed a music class for local families to experience the magic of baby signing.


And thus, Sign with Me was born 😊

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Hi, Im Elyssa (Elle) 

Class Teacher, Co-Founder


Hi, Im Svetlana (Lana)

Office Administration, Co-Founder

Elyssa loves working with children and has taught baby sign language for the past 4 years in Australia and abroad.

With a background in Early Childcare, she brings her special blend of fun and education to each class, keeping your children singing and laughing along. Her approachable and friendly attitude makes learning baby sign fun and easy.

Elyssa has two boys aged 5 and 1.

Svetlana fell in love with baby signing 2 years ago after seeing how easy it was to learn and how quickly her children began using it in all day to day activities. She has extensive knowledge and experience in office administration and all things digital to ensure parents and caregivers can stay informed and up to date.
Svetlana has two girls aged 6 and 2.

What Parents Say

“Our  daughter absolute loved her lessons with Elyssa and still uses some signs today! Elyssa is a ray of sunshine and she has a special gift with children. She is a patient and kind teacher who will always hold a special place in our hearts, Charlotte's first teacher! Thank you Elyssa for raising our daugher's confidence and instilling s love of learning!

—  Charlotte's mom Vicky