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Here at Sign with Me, we believe that Communication is Key.

We understand it can be frustrating for both you and your child to understand each other before speech develops. With our classes you can start communicating at a much earlier age with the use of natural gestures and key signs.  We use a combination of KWS (Key Word Sign Australia), AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language) and simple visual gestures that have proven to be effective in communication with young children. 

At Sign with Me, we offer a fun and nurturing environment for you to learn these signs and bond with your little ones. Our classes are tailored to age appropriate groups and are packed with signing, music, visual aids and physical movement. All classes are specially designed to help develop your child's confidence and language development as well as their social, emotional and fine motor skills.

So come along and experience for yourself the magic of baby signing and unlock a whole new form of communication with your child.

What is Baby Signing 

Baby signing teaches your little one how to use simple hand gestures to communicate their everyday wants and needs like

“eat”, “drink”, “sleep”, “please” and “more”.

This creates a simple, yet effective form of communication for your child before speech has developed.


We are so excited to have you join us and be part of this wonderful experience where communication is key.

We offer 3 distinct classes. Each class is specifically tailored to your child’s stage of development. We use a variety of songs, visual aids and physical movement that will stimulate and strengthen memory retention whilst gradually introducing new and evolving hand motions and facial expressions over the term for your child to develop and use in everyday life.

Mother and Baby

Crawlers Classes

Age group - 7  to 14 months.

A fun and engaging class with signs to suit most occasions in your little ones life.

Your explorers will participate in songs, musical instruments, visual aids and physical movement, while learning age appropriate signs with a new theme each week.

Crawlers classes run for 40 mins a week over a 10 week term.

Mother and Child


For our families who are not able to attend our classes in person, our online @Home content is perfect for experiencing the class from the comfort of your own home and learn at your own pace.

Babies Classes

Age group - birth to 7 months.

A slow paced class, set in a calm and nurturing environment to introduce you and your baby to age appropriate signs.

There is a new theme each week where babies can enjoy music, physical movement, visual aids and connection. 

Babies classes run for 30 mins a week over a 5 week block. 

Happy Baby

Toddlers Classes

Age group -  14+ months.

A class to suit the busiest of toddlers with new concepts to keep them engaged.

Your little signers will be introduced to mindfulness practices, along with our songs, musical instruments, movement and yoga with new signs and themes each week.

Toddler classes run for 40 mins a week over a 10 week term.  

Working from Home

Little signers in Action 

What Parents Say

“Our  daughter absolute loved her lessons with Elyssa and still uses some signs today! Elyssa is a ray of sunshine and she has a special gift with children. She is a patient and kind teacher who will always hold a special place in our hearts, Charlotte's first teacher! Thank you Elyssa for raising our daugher's confidence and instilling s love of learning!

—  Charlotte's mom Vicky 

Popular Video Signs 

We are very excited to share some of our popular video signs with you to practise with your child, head over to Online Library  to access even more..